Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Awesome Deals on Diapers at Target - Really Cheap Diapers

We were at Target tonight to pick up some of the great deals discovered by Money Saving Mom and her readers when I found some bargains of my own on the diaper aisle.

I'd left most of my coupons at home. Thankfully, we live just around the corner, so I dashed back to get them and filled my cart up.

I found Huggies Overnights diapers (in my son's size) and Huggies Pull Ups (perfect for when we start potty training) clearance priced at $4.98-$5.24. I was able to use coupons on each package, valued at $1 to $2, so I made out like a bandit, getting diapers for 9 cents to 12 cents each. I did notice, however, that the Pull Ups all had princesses on them. Let's hope my already opinionated toddler won't have a problem with that!

In addition, I bought 2 packs of KanDoo wipes (also on clearance) and used a $2 off 2 coupon. The wipes were marked $2.08 (plastic container) and $1.88 (refill pack), but they ran up for $1.18 and $1.88 each. So with my coupon, I got two packs of wipes for the grand total of... 95 cents.

And did I mention that I had a 10 percent off my total purchase coupon that I used? So I saved even more.

Here's a rundown of my savings:

You'll find the clearance priced diapers on the endcaps in the babycare/pharmacy department at Target. I found the clearance-priced diapers in two different places. It also wouldn't hurt to check out the aisles to see if any of the clearance-priced packs have migrated there. My store had diapers in nearly every size clearance priced, from preemie to Size 5. So there's something to fit every baby bottom!


  1. Fantastic! Diapers and wipes are 1. Something that parents of babies and toddlers need in great supply and;
    2. Aren't going to spoil if you stock up.

    Even if he outgrows some of what you bought, I'm sure you can find friends or relatives who could use the leftovers for their wee ones.

  2. and you can submit your receipt to huggies for a $5 rebate b/c you bought three packages at once! so where did you get all the coupons? thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi Jeff:

    I think I got the coupons from Huggies in the mail. (I actually can't remember) I've been saving them because I usually buy our diapers in bulk at Costco.

    A few of the coupons were from the Sunday coupon inserts in the paper and I think some may have come from Parents magazine.

    Thanks for the tip on the Huggies refund. I didn't know about that.