Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dining Out for a Good Cause

Not that I need an excuse to go out to eat, but here's a good one:

Today participating restaurants where I live have pledged 10 percent of the day's sales to help Greensboro Urban Ministry fight hunger. The event is called Serving Greensboro Together, and I bet other communities hold similar events to raise money for local food banks and other charities.

If you happen to live in or near Greensboro, you can view a list of participating restaurants here.

Tonight, the Buchanan family will be dining at Lucky 32 -- hopefully al fresco. (Weather is beautiful today on May 6, which is also the day of the N.C. primary. Voting is next on my to-do list, by the way.)

You know what makes tonight's deal an even better one? I have a $10 coupon/gift certificate to the restaurant.

Giving back and saving money. What a great combination.

1 comment:

  1. And a fine meal it was!

    Anyone in the Greensboro area should check out Lucky 32 - they use lots of locally grown produce and locally raised meats to create some wonderful upscale Southern-style dishes (shrimp & grits, cornmeal crusted catfish, jambalaya, sweet potato hush puppies, etc.)