Thursday, May 22, 2008

Extra Care Drama At CVS

I had to make an unexpected stop at CVS today to pick up a prescription for Jackson, who has a fever and an ear infection. (My poor baby.)

The silver lining in this cloud is that his is the second prescription I've filled at CVS in a few weeks. And you know what that means: ExtraCare Bucks.

But things didn't go exactly as expected.

The cash register jammed while my receipt was printing out so everything, including the ExtraCare bucks and register tape coupons, was scrambled. No reading any bar code or telling how many ExtraCare bucks I have to redeem.

When I asked the cashier about it, she kind of stared at me blankly, seemingly surprised that anyone would ask about missing ECBs. Finally, after a little prodding from me, she told me that I should see the store manager. He was ultimately helpful after some more pointed, but polite questions from me.

He ended up calling the ExtraCare hotline and told them what happened. My ExtraCare bucks are being reloaded on my card and should print out when I make my next purchase at CVS. But I have to wait until next Wednesday because this process takes two business days and since Monday is a holiday, they won't be loaded until Wednesday.

You better believe that I'll be confirming this next week. And if they're not there, I'll be calling CVS to set things right.

ExtraCare bucks are as good as cash. If the ATM mangled my bills, I wouldn't just walk away. Why would I walk away from ExtraCare bucks?


  1. This happened to me once, and they did print out a few days later.

  2. Good For you! Those ECB's are very valuable!! I would have been just as vigilant!