Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Free Giveaway - Vintage Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are one of my favorite all-time favorite accessories because they're so versatile and so personal.

What other piece of jewelry can be fun, funky, beautiful and sentimental all at the same time?

A charm bracelet can tell the story of your life, memorialize a loved one, commemorate a special event such as a wedding or serve as a permanent reminder of the best trip of your life.

To celebrate these enduring accessories (and as a blatant attempt to drive traffic to my blog), Goo Goo Buy Buy is giving away a great vintage charm bracelet from Etsy:

Isn't it gorgeous? To find out how to win, you'll have to read on...

Charm bracelets make great gifts because they're so personal. When you buy someone a charm (or a whole bracelet), you're really making a statement about your relationship. It's one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone because you have to really think about what the recipient likes and what defines her when you're choosing charms for a bracelet.

If you have a sister or a daughter or a mother or a best friend, think about giving her a charm bracelet for the next holiday or special occasion. Give just one charm initially with the promise that you'll add to the bracelet every birthday, anniversary, Christmas or whenever the gift-giving mood strikes. I promise that your loved one will cherish that charm bracelet forever. And she'll love opening your gifts!

Tracey Zabar, a jewelry designer who designs charm bracelets for Kate Spade, has written a great book on her favorite accessory and mine. Charmed Bracelets showcases some great charm bracelets, and Zabar also dishes about the history of charmed bracelets. Finally, she offers some great ideas for putting together your own charm bracelet by focusing on a particular theme.

If you're really crafty, check out Charmed by Gabriella Sellors. She shows you how to make 50 different pieces of "charming" jewelry.

Inspired by Zabar's book, NPR commentator Jacki Lyden reported on her own love affair with charm bracelets in "History on a Wrist." Have a listen.

If you look in my jewelry box, you'll find an array of charm bracelets that tell the story of my life and my likes.

I have a silver charm bracelet that I bought when my son, Jackson, was born. There's a tiny diaper charm, a heart engraved with "Mom," a baby bottle, a silver cup, a shoe and a framed photo of newborn Jackson. When you look at this bracelet, you can tell that I love being a mother, even though it can be messy. best of all, they make noise.

Another silver bracelet has charms that I've picked up on memorable vacations to Hawaii for my brother's wedding (a hulu girl and a lei), to the North Carolina coast with friends (a lighthouse), and to Florida with my husband (a gull and a sand bucket.) We're planning a road trip to the Amish country and Hershey, Pennsylvania, this summer, and I think I'll add some charms to commemorate it. Maybe a Hershey's Kiss and a horse-drawn carriage?

I'm slowly building a new gold charm bracelet to replace the one I started in high school. (The charms are sill in great condition, but the bracelet has gotten crimped in the nearly 20 years -- gulp -- since I graduated from high school.) So far, I've added a lobster in a trap (commemorating our babymoon in Maine), a key-to-my heart charm (in honor of Jackson and Bruce) and an enamel cupcake (because I love delicious desserts.)

I love creating my own charm bracelets, but I'm also a sucker for ready-made ones, as well. I've got a beautiful charm bracelet that I bought during my honeymoon that features different types of fruit, each made from a different type of gemstone or bead.

I even have a charm bracelet watch from Anne Klein (bought on sale, of course, after Christmas one year.)

I have a fun enamel charm bracelet that I picked up from a thrift store. It has a frog and flowers hanging from it. Another time, I picked up a vintage doggie charm bracelet for $10 from the same thrift store, Design Archives.

My mom passed along a charm bracelet she had in high school, and it's a hoot. (There's a refrigerator charm that says "Friend or Foe.") That bracelet has also opened my eyes to the person my mom was in high school, and it's fun to ask her why she chose each charm.

That's part of the allure of wearing charm bracelets that once belonged to someone else. You get to know them in a special way. As Tracey Zabar writes in Charmed Bracelets:

If you get to wear your grandma's charm bracelet, you get to know your grandma during an earlier time in her life. That's nice.

One of my favorite charm bracelets is made from vintage clip earrings and other vintage costume jewelry. I was so enamored of the idea that made three more bracelets from vintage earrings I bought at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales.

For a great selection of vintage charm bracelets and charms, check out eBay, where the offerings are always changing. Another great place to look is Etsy, where I found the charm bracelet that I'm giving away. You'll find both handmade and vintage jewelry there and lots of other neat, handcrafted stuff.

Enough about my love of charm bracelets. Here's what you really want to know. How can you win a vintage charm bracelet?

Easy. To enter the contest, just leave a comment and tell me something charming about yourself. Be sure to include your email address, so I can contact you if you're the winner.

I'll be accepting entries through Tuesday, May 27. I'll be annoucing the winner shortly thereafter.

And please visit Goo Goo Buy Buy often because I'm going to have regular giveaways of great freebies.

Coming up soon:

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  • Something "hot" for Dad for father's day
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Keep reading Goo Goo Buy Buy. You never know when you'll find another Goo Goo Giveaway.


  1. I'm charmed to be introduced to your site! I also enjoy collecting charms for my charm bracelet - but I find it hard to wear any jewelry at all with my one-year old always tugging on it. I just have to remember to bring it out for those Mother's Night Out events! Thanks for the charming giveaway!

    The most charming thing about me is my sense of humor through all situations. I feel we can laugh about anything even at times if it's painful. One laugh can go along way.

  3. First of all, thank you for the lovely giveaway and for inviting me here. Well, actually...LURING me here with a charm bracelet that is ta die for but now that I am here, I must say that it is a lovely site you have. You have thus been bookmarked for future reference!
    What is charming about me is that I always try to live my life in such a manner that Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn would be proud of! It is very important to be ladylike and that bracelet sure is ladylike!
    I am ta diein here for a charm bracelet and there is no Cary Grant in my life.
    I will cross my legs in a ladylike fashion and wish...( and grovel somewhat)

  4. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I love thrifty gift ideas. I used to collect silver charms as a child, but I've never worn the bracelet or added to it in a while. Our State magazine's NC charms might inspire me to start again (I'm new to NC). I was really thrilled to see my mom recently wearing her charm bracelet from her time in germany (first two years of her marriage). They really are making a comeback and are a great, sentimental fashion statement.

    The most charming thing about me is that I try to maintain a childlike sense of wonder towards the world and not become jaded, cynical, or bitter. I try....


  5. Oh wow! I'm such a sucker for charm bracelets! They're just so lovely!! Just like your blog :)

    Something charming about me? Well, I guess that I'm always with a smile and people find that they can talk easily to me. Plus, I rarely get stressed :)

    Thanks so much for the chance to win such a charming charmed bracelet!!

    bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

  6. Something charming about me? I will greet you with a smile and welcome you into my home no matter if toys are taking over the living room, if I have garden dirt on my hands, or if I haven't quite managed to get into the shower yet for the day! Gorgeous bracelet by the way -- thanks for sharing!

  7. My love of charm bracelets is charming and a little out of the ordinary. Fun!

  8. jayswifega@yahoo.comMay 22, 2008 at 10:25 AM

    Hmmm. . .the most charming thing about me is my high school graduating class was all of 18 studients (and that included 2 foreign exchange students, believe it or not)! Even better, I was the class salutatorian. . . but didn't make it into the top 10 percent! :-(

    Love your site; thanks for the giveaway!


  9. what is charming about me is that i have a great smile. i've been told that i put people to at ease with it.
    love the charm bracelet .

  10. How Charming! I'm so delighted to be invited to your blog, it has been bookmarked for future looksies.
    I was recently devastated by the loss of a James Avery silver & gold charm bracelet that I had owned for over 15 years, I wore it almost every day! James Avery still carries the same bracelet however, with the cost of precious metal nowadays it's a hard pill to swallow to replace at it's current price. Maybe someday. Something charming about me: I dabble in jewelry making myself with sterling silver, crystals & semi-precious stones. It is a delightful craft ~ I love to make special peices for loved ones and friends. Would you like something? I'll send some more friends your way. Great blog title by the way!

  11. I think I am charming because I am probably as vintage as that bracelet. I remember wearing my Grandmother's jewelry when I was little, and that could have been in her jewelry box. Love your blog!

  12. I have a weakness for pretty bone china cups and saucers. ....I don't know if that is particularly charming, but that is all I can come up with!

  13. Charmed = filled with wonder and delight I'm in the process of collecting charms for my daughter & she is filled with wonder & delight so I would love to win this bracelet for her. I also have a canadian leaf with the gold nugget on it that I got from my Grandma when I was a child & it looks the same as the one on the bracelet. Thank you for a chance to will it. Cindi ~ stinkynelson1 @

  14. I love to collect charm bracelets. I guess my charming part is being honest and sincere to my family and friends. My email address is Thanks for your giveaway.

  15. I'm sad to say that I don't have a charm bracelet. I love what you wrote about charm bracelets though and you have convinced me that it is a great gift to give to people close to you. Thanks for the tip! My email address is

  16. I just ran across your blog and will be bookmarking it! I love your post about charm bracelets. I love them! I have an Italian Charm bracelet (the square ones that were all the rage a few years ago) that I still love. It has charms that other people gave me that helped remind me of them! It was fun to collect! Something charming about me?? I love to crochet and am currently working on garland for my christmas tree - can never start to early!! Thanks for offering this!

  17. I am a woman who is totally in love with being a mom. I gave up my career to be a stay-at-home mom and I wouldn't go back for anything. I enjoy everything about getting to know my little girl. I suppose that is pretty charming!

  18. What a great blog you have. Something charming about me: People always tell me that I am easy to talk to and that I am a warm, caring person.

  19. Something charming about me: I am really patient (well, most of the time). I am a new mother and am loving it so much.

  20. I collect dolls


  21. Charm Bracelets are a collections of memories that make up your life. My mother started a collection for me when I was young. I would like to leave a charming legacy for my two girls. Thank you, Toni

  22. My charming thing is I appreciate beauty especially things in nature. I love rainbows, thunderstorms, waterfalls and flowers. Just about anything made by God. I started two charm bracelets for my daughters to have in a few years when they get old enough to enjoy them. My e-mail address is

  23. What a wonderful contest. I love your blog and can't wait to hear more about the free baby food. I'm am new to frugal living but I am LOVING it and the great feeling I get from knowing I am helping my family.

    I guess a charming thing about me is that I always worry about others feelings.

  24. I stumbled upon your blog last week (linked from Super Savings Saturday, I believe) and bookmarked it then. Great content!

    I would love to win this bracelet, I love it! It's hard for me to say the most charming things about myself without feeling as though I'm coming across as vain or full of myself, so I guess I could say that the most charming thing about myself is my humility. I think I'm generally a pretty humble person, and try to always think of others before myself, and try to live my life to glorify God and not to build myself up. :)
    Thanks for hosting such a fantastic giveaway! Can't wait to see who wins!

  25. The charm bracelet is just beautiful! I was secretly hoping for a charm bracelet for Mother's Day (I got a frying pan!)

    I think the most charming thing(s) about me are my children. You can see pictures of my two sweeties here:

    I will be checking back at your blog again!

    My email is

  26. I just found your amazing site and bookmarked it...I have been on a mission to save money so I can retire....I think whats charming about me is I love to share all the tips for saving money with my friends, and I feel like I have changed some lives....I never knew all these frugal sites were out there and I LOVE learning to be frugal. The bracelet is lovely and its my birthstone:)

  27. I love your site, I am new to it! The most charming thing about me, I believe is that I get such joy out of the most simple things in life! :) Thanks for the great give away!

  28. WOO HOO! I love charm bracelets!! I've also marked your site to come back frequently!!Charming..hmm..besides that I love charm bracelets....I love life, most of the time! lol

  29. The most charming thing about me ... hum.. that's hard. I sincere love for people and helping others.

  30. Glad to find another blogger from N.C. I am mom to four boys, and the wife of a farmer. I got my first charm bracelet when I was pregnant with my twins. The boys now get me new charms for my birthday each year.

  31. Well, I just lost a 100 pounds and would love a way to make it truely special... and winning that bracelet would do it for me :)

  32. I found your site from Mich Fuch's blog. I LOVE IT. I am planning on making your Orange Julius Recipe today. I have several charm bracelets. My sister in law started mine with a baby booty after my daughter was born. Now, it is filled with anything significant in my life from a Daisy ( when my daughter was in Daisy Scouts) to the Statue of Liberty ( born in NYC) I refuse to fly with my bracelet. It will be passed down to my daughter some day . Of course, she already has one of her own. The Italian Charm bracelets are also great.

  33. Ah, a fellow charm enthusiast! I truly enjoyed reading your blog about your life and bracelets!

    Perhaps the most charming thing about me is that I am truly fascinated by people. I learned during my years as a newspaper reporter that everyone has a story of interest, even if you have to dig a little to find it. So when I meet someone new, I'm happy to have the opportunity to learn about who they are - what they love, their pet peeves, their earliest memories. Everyone was someone's baby once, and, just maybe, there is a sparkling charm out there in the world commemorating each of them!

    Let's hear it for the charm bracelet - a shiny, tinkling story on each feminine wrist that sports one!

    Robin Griffin