Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free Hamburger Helper Sample

I'm not sure that I've ever eaten Hamburger Helper, but I figured I'd give it a try because it's free.

Betty Crocker is giving away a free sample of Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles when you sign up for the Dining Made Easy Email Newsletter. (The signup link is at the bottom of the page.)

I bet my son Jackson, who is crazy for noo-noos would like this, so we'll give it a try.


  1. You've never had Hamburger Helper? That's unAmerican! :)

    My mom (a working mother from back in the '70s) used to make this quite regularly when I was growing up. It's actually pretty decent. Throw in a salad and some bread and you have a cheap, relatively healthy meal.

  2. Oh boy! (lol) good old gooie hamburger helper. i remember my mother would throw some in a skillet with extra hamburger and make some kool-aid... perfect.