Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Tickets to Sex and the City Movie

I scored some free tickets to the Sex and the City movie today while shopping at Ulta.

OK, some of you may not think this really qualifies as a freebie because I had to purchase a gift set of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely to get the free movie tickets. But I was looking to reward myself with a special treat, and I couldn't pass up this offer because I love Lovely and I love SJP and I love "Sex and the City."

Boy, do I miss that show. And I'm so psyched about the Sex and the City movie premiere. I'm already planning to take the day off from work -- the joys of being self-employed -- and go see it with some girlfriends. We might even try to smuggle in some Cosmos in stylish oversized handbags. (One does have to wonder what the ladies will be wearing and sipping in the movie.)

Anyway, more details on my deal:

Thanks to Hollywood Movie Money, I've got two vouchers (worth $12 each) to see Sex and the City. I think I'll have to see it at the Carmike in Greensboro. Not my first choice theather, but it is just minutes away from my house and they do have the flavored movie popcorn salt that I love so much.

I also got a free umbrella with my perfume purchase at Ulta. Bonus!

What more could a girl ask for?

Sex (and the City), Cosmos, a girls-only outing, free movie tickets and great popcorn. I can't wait for May 30.


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