Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goo Goo Giveaway Vintage Charm Bracelet Winner

Well, you made it very hard for me to pick a winner for the vintage charm bracelet.

I loved everyone's comments, and I think this contest was a great way for me to get to know some readers and other thrifty bloggers out there -- both near and far.

Several of you made me smile wide and even laugh out of loud with your comments:

Nana, I have to give a shout out to any woman who calls herself "vintage"

And Mannequin, I love that you're living like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. You're definitely my kind of lady (I write as I'm sitting here barefoot, wearing no makeup, hair pulled back in a disgraceful ponytail and headband. And did I mention that my shirt is stained with whatever my son ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I'm the epitome of grace and glamour tonight.)

ShaunJoy, what a secure and confident person you must be to be so comfortable with the clutter comprises life. We should all be so at ease and remember to not stress out when we're a mess or the house is. I'm going to remember that the next time someone knocks and my house is in disarray -- as it often is with an inquisitive toddler living here. I'll swing the door wide and invite my visitor in, making no apology for my hectic, imperfect life.

While I hate to disappoint anyone who took the time to comment on my blog and share their charming anecdotes, I think that one person above all really deserves the charm bracelet.

So, the winner of the first Goo Goo Giveaway is...

Candace, who wrote:

The charm bracelet is just beautiful! I was secretly hoping for a charm
bracelet for Mother's Day (I got a frying pan!)

Candace, the bracelet is yours. Be sure to wear it the next time you're frying up bacon for breakfast. Or better yet, have your husband take the family out for breakfast this weekend. He owes you as repentance for that gift!

Please keep your eyes posted for another great Goo Goo Giveaway. I hope to post another one sometime next week, time permitting. In the meantime, I hope you'll visit Goo Goo Buy Buy Often and join in the discussion.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Amy,

    Thank-you SOOOOOOOO much!!! I will definitely wear this while frying up the bacon! Since my almost 5 year old asks for bacon and eggs for breakfast almost every day - thus the frying pan!

    I really like your blog! - I had a great laugh watching Jackson's double time dance. Very cute! I've bookmarked the link you posted to the "100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten" list. I think my son (almost 5) and I will have some fun with that this summer.

    Thanks again! I'll be giving you a shout out today from my blog:

    And I'll be sure to give my husband a big old kiss for the frying pan when he gets home today....