Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great Girlie Getaway

A weekend in Nantucket may not qualify as a bargain. But a relaxing (and creative) getaway may be just the sort of thing we're saving our money for.

And you may not even have to get away to enjoy the experience.

I just read an article in Country Living about Fashion Camp for grownups hosted every weekend from May through October at the Nantucket Stock Exchange, a different kind of vintage store.

Owner Cheryl Fudge got her start transforming vintage Gucci and Chanel scarves into sexy halters. Now, she sells a complete line of embellished vintage fashions.

But it was her Fashion Camp that intrigued me. Campers create one-of-a-kind bags using vintage fabrics, embellishments and ribbons that Fudge provides.

Sounds like a lot of fun. And an easy experience to replicate at home for your friends. I might have to hit some yard sales or secondhand stores to find some cool vintage fabrics, buttons, rickrack and whatnot. This is a craft where anything goes.

Fudge spreads her table with fabrics, old patches and trims, lace, buttons, bows and whatever else she can find and lets her customers create their own souvenir from Fashion Camp. And who wouldn't want to take home such a personal and creative keepsake? Sure beats a macaroni necklace.


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