Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ouch at the CVS Pharmacy

So, I went to see my eye doctor this morning -- Dr. Hottie, we call him -- because my contacts have been bothering me for the last few days.

I thought I might have an eye infection and wanted to deal with that as quickly as possible. No eye infection, but the good doc prescribed a steroid drop because he thinks my eyes may be drying out because my contacts don't breathe well.

Well, OK. He put a few drops in my eye in the office, and my eyes did seem to feel better.

So, I headed to CVS to get the RX filled, but boy was I surprised when I got the bill. $46 for a itty bitty bottle of eye drops. Ouch. A bit pricey, but my eyes and healthcare in general is not something I want to cheap out on.

However, I have learned a few lessons, which I hope will help me save money in the future:

  • I'm going to be more diligent about taking my contacts out early every night to give my eyes some room to breathe
  • Next time I need new contacts, the doc and I are going to try to find a lens in my prescription that allows more oxygen to get to my eye. (Note to the pharm cos - start making breathable lenses in plus-power toric, please. This far-sighted astigmatic chick would be very grateful.)
  • I'm going to start using OTC wetting drops (at the doc's suggestion) to keep my eyes moist throughout the day. And I have a freebie to try out.

One bonus of all this. I used my CVS ExtraCare card when paying for my prescription, so I should be earning some ECB as a result.


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