Monday, May 5, 2008

Saving Money with the Grocery Game

How did someone like me who loves to spend money get hooked on The Grocery Game?

I'm not sure the reason behind my latest obsession. But it's safe to call it that -- an obsession.

I'd been doing the CVS thing for a while, then I read about The Grocery Game on imommies and signed up for the 4-week $1 free trial (if you sign up, use my email as the referral - and I'll be in your debt!). Now I'm hooked.

I'm two weeks in, and I'm jazzed by all the money I'm saving. I really do enjoy playing the game, and I think you will, too. It's amazing how many items you can get for free or for pennies on the dollar just by pairing your coupons with the best sales. And, of course, I like that the Grocery Game does all the hard work of figuring out these things for me, because gosh knows, I don't need another thing to do!

I won't bore you by posting my past deals here. At least, not this time. But I'll be back to share other bargains I've found, including a great trip to CVS today in which I spent just a few dollars and walked away with a ton of stuff that we needed. More on that later.

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  1. Very cool -- and you can play the Grocery Game anywhere in the country. The Web site gives you a customized report of stores in your area.