Friday, May 23, 2008

Seeking Roundup of Tax Stimulus Offers

My friend and former coworker, Mike, who writes the Bargain Blog for the local newspaper, has asked for a roundup of stores that are offering incentives to customers who cash or use their tax stimulus checks there.

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list?

Or do you know of individual retailers that are offering these deals? If so, post them here.

Mike is probably most interested in national retailers and those in the Southeast, but feel free to post any tips here.

Unless I was planning a big project, I probably wouldn't trade my stimulus check for a store gift card. It seems to me that you could make that money work better for you by putting it in an interest bearing account or another investment until you're ready to spend it. Or if you had debt, it probably make sense to use the money to pay that down.

We filed an extension of our taxes, so we don't have our tax stimulus check yet.

Because I"m self employed, we pay our taxes quarterly and I've gotten behind on my record-keeping. So, we mailed money to to IRS on April 15, but we haven't filed our return. This also buys us time to invest in our SEP IRAs for the year.

When we do get our tax stimulus check, we plan to use it to pay the next round of quarterly taxes or to get new floors.


  1. I actually saw a convenience store over in Winston-Salem that advertised that customers could cash their stimulus checks there. I can't think of the name of the store, though.

    The convenience store was in a low-income neighborhood, where many folks may not have checking accounts. I guess the thinking is that customers will cash the check at the convenience store, then buy milk & bread, a tank of gas, etc. while they have money in hand.

  2. Hi,

    I did some research awhile back and got a decent list of chains offering incentive ( usually an extra 10% ) back.

    Here is the link, if your friend wants to use it.