Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Sample of Enfamil Formula

This sample is back. See the banner ad on the right side of this page. Sign up quickly, though, as this may be pulled soon.

We're past the formula stage in our house and onto whole milk (for another few months anyway), but I thought I'd pass along a link for a free sample of Enfamil formula.

I nursed my son until he was about 16 months old, so I never had the added expense of buying formula. But I know that formula is super-expensive, babies drink a lot of it and any break you can get is a welcome one.

In fact, I remember being in the grocery store one day and seeing this young couple filling their cart up with formula for their twins. Well, I had my coupon organizer with me (of course!) and I pulled out all the $5, $8 and $10 Enfamil checks that I had and gave tem to the couple. They were ecstatic over the savings.

If you've got a little one around the house, I encourage you to click request the free sample of Enfamil. Even if you're breastfeeding, it helps to have some formula on hand in case you need to supplement, run low on your pumped supply or simply need a break.

My son drank formula occassionally, particularly as he got older and I could leave him for a little bit longer with his dad and nana. Thanks to deals like this one from Enfamil and samples I picked up at the hospital, from my OBGYN and from his pediatrician, I never bought a can of formula. I'm thankful for that savings.


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