Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catalog Your Photos and Create a Keepsake At the Same Time

Shannon at Be Thrifty Like Us is planning to create a series of personalized photo books for her daughter.

I think it's a great idea because kids are so thrilled to read about themselves. You can put your scrapbooking skills to work and write a book about your little one' s adventures. Or you can take the high-tech approach as I did last year after we took a trip to the Land of Oz, a now-defunct amusement park in North Carolina.

I plopped Jackson and his canine companion, McCoy, right into the middle of The Wizard of Oz. (Click that link and you can read Jackson's story.)

The adults in the family loved it, and just last week, I read it to Jackson for the first time. He loved seeing himself and his doggie in a book.

I'll definitely be writing more stories about Jackson's adventures.


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