Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Coffee from Gevalia

I'm not one of those people who drinks coffee throughout the day, but I have to have a cup first thing in the morning, fixed my way with two Splendas and a dash of hazelnut flavored creamer.

If you've gotta have your coffee, then you ought to try out this freebie from Gevalia.

Sign up and you'll receive two free bags of coffee and a free insulated mug.

If you like the coffee, Gevalia will send you more each month, but you can cancel at any time and keep the freebies.

I've signed up with Gevalia several times throughout the years, and I've always liked their coffees and the freebies they've sent along. (In fact, we still use a free Gevalia coffeemaker at my office.)

There's no risk for trying this freebie out. And if you don't like the coffee -- or don't want monthly shipments -- you can always cancel before they send you the first one.


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