Sunday, June 8, 2008

Goo Goo Giveaway -- Digital BBQ Fork for Father's Day

Welcome to the second Goo Goo Giveaway. This time, I'll be giving away something that will be perfect for dad (or hubby) for Father's Day.

Given that Father's Day is just a week away, the entry period for this giveaway is short. I'll stop taking entries at 8 p.m. Monday night. The winner will be announced first thing Tuesday morning, and I'll ship out the BBQ fork on Tuesday morning via priority mail, so it will arrive in time for Father's Day.

The ability to control fire ranks as the most important discovery/invention of mankind. But sometimes I wonder about that ability -- usually when my husband's standing in front of the grill.

The worst steak I ever ate was chargrilled -- blackened, actually, but not in that yummy Cajun way -- after my husband left it unwatched on the grill too long. Goodbye ribeye, hello carcinogens.

And then there was the time I spent all day marinating and steaming baby-back ribs. As dinner approached, my husband took the ribs to the grill to sear them.

Flash forward a few minutes, and I start smelling smoke. The ribs -- which I had slaved over all day and spent a pretty penny on -- had turned to inedible ash. Seems that the flash plate (or something like that) had moved, meaning that there was nothing between the meat and the fire.

My husband couldn't have known this would happen, but that was his second grilling strike. One more, and he's banned from the barbecue for life. Kinda like Pete Rose and baseball.

To be fair, I don't have a great track record with fire either. My mom would love to tell you all about the time I set her backsplash on fire. And in high school chemistry class, I proved that heavily lacquered bangs are combustible.

My problems with fire might be genetic. As a teenager, my dad caught the curtains in the basement on fire while flicking matches at a styrofoam cup.

I figure this notion that humans can control fire might be a myth. But with tools like the digital BBQ fork that I'm giving away, you may be able to avoid the disasters that we've had on our grill.

To enter the Goo Goo Giveaway, post a comment sharing with me your funniest cooking, grilling or fire disaster. (No injuries, please.)

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the digital BBQ fork -- no time. But I'll describe it here.

The unit includes an interchangeable fork or prong. The digital readout tells you when you're food is done.

Good and happy grilling...and happy Father's Day.


  1. What a very nice thing to have! I am horrible at grilling for that very reason. I tend to think that if it's not blackened, it's not done. Sometimes, that's not the case. It's black and red.

  2. yea! my husband would love this!!

  3. My husband turned a grill painted with a red top into a complete black grill just a few weeks ago. To much fire. LOL

  4. My hubby and I were just a few days away from getting married and his dad and sister were in from Europe for the wedding. Hubby said "no" for going out to a good steak. He wanted to impress his dad on how well he could grill. He bought really expensive steaks - spent $50 on four!, cleaned the grill, and was ready to impressed. .... we had extra well steaks for dinner :) We all chewed our way through the humor of it all.
    Hubby always forgets items on the stove. He has ruined a kettle from forgetting it was on the stove!

  5. The last time I cleaned out my fridge, I set my crisper drawers upside down on my counter to dry. Our kitchen is small, so they were partially on the stove top. I left the kitchen to check on the kids, and a minute later my 5 yo comes running saying "Mommy, there's fire!". Apparently, I bumped the knob on the stove and turned a burner on. The crisper drawers went up in flames, leaving a black, plastic soot all over the whole house!

    Thankfully, Mr. Clean magic erasers really are magic! They cleaned my cupboards and everything else so well, you can't tell. That is, until you open the fridge and wonder where the drawers are...


  6. Kristie... your story is so funny. A friend of mine once ruined a brand new crock pot the same way. Sat it on the burner, turned on the burner and melted the cord. And just last week, I cooked a Rubbermaid plastic storage container. Glad to know that Magic Erasers work so well on that stuff. My burner still smells when I turn it on. I'll be trying your tip.

  7. I thought using the disposable foil trays for cooking our first Thanksgiving turkey together would be a quick and easy clean up a couple of years ago... but somehow with taking it in and out of the oven to baste it/check if it was done(ding dong me forgot to get one of those nifty little thermometers) we managed to get a hole in the bottom of the pan. I had NO idea it was there, closed the oven, went back to the football game with DH.

    A few minutes later, we started to smell this stench coming out of the kitchen. When I opened the oven door, smoke came out! All the juice was dripping onto the oven coils!

    I was so horrified and so embarrased! DH still thinks it's funny. (I didn't, especially when trying to clean that stupid oven out the next day - it was nasty! It took me a couple of hours!)

    One day I will own a self cleaning stove. (not that it would have helped with that mess lol) And yes, no more disposable trays for me.

    DH would love this digital fork! His father's day present is a grill. (he picked it out, so no surprise there... but this could be a surprise!)

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  9. I am always burning the handles on my utensils when I cook and have learned that dish towels and cooking don't mix. Nothing like a flaming dish towel. LOL

  10. Last Father's Day my dad set the entire grill (no exageration - the WHOLE thing) on fire. Good thing his gift was a new grill!

  11. When I was a kid my Grandmother gave me a recipe for caramel corn. I followed the directions for the caramel that part came out very good. Then I took the caramel and I poured them over the popcorn kernels, and put it in the oven. You see the recipe did not say popped pop corn, it just said pop corn. So of course I was thrilled when I heard the pop corn start to pop in the oven.

    Well I am sure you all are cringing or laughing at this point.

    Because the pop corn had caramel on it, when it pop some of the popped kernels stuck to the side and top of the over. Ok so the fire was somewhat small, that meaning I have had bigger. However, the fire dept and my mother agreed not to let me into the kitchen again.

    Sad but all true.

  12. I was reviewing my post and realized I forgot to include my story...

    I had a grease fire in an apartment once. I covered the pan with a towel, but forgot to turn off the burner. Then the towel caught on fire. I ran with the pan outside of my apartment (I was on the 2nd floor). Some people from the parking lot said to put salt on in and a neighbor across the hall doused it with salt. Needless to say, it was awhile until I made that dish again, and left a big box of salt by my neighbor's door!