Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Goo Goo Giveaway Winner

I loved hearing from all the moms and moms-to-be for the latest Goo Goo Giveway. In my circle of friends, there aren't many other parents, so I don't get to chat much with other mommies who are struggling to balance jobs (work at home and otherwise), managng a household, saving money and raising little cuddlebunnies.

So, I love being able to connect with you through the blog. I think this is a great forum for us to share experiences and advice -- on childrearing, coupon clipping and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Your comments have given me lots of ideas for the blog, so please keep reading to see some of your questions answered in later postings.

But I know you're all just dying to know who won the Gerber Goo Goo Giveaway.

The lucky mommy would be Tami, who said she wanted help "feeding littles cheap , easy, and nearly free!" Well, Tami, I'm here to grant your wish. Two boxes of yummy Gerber fruit purees are on their way to you. I hope you and your little ones enjoy these healthy and free treats!

I'm sorry I don't have enough baby food to share with everyone, but I promise there will be more Goo Goo Giveaways in the very near future. (I'm feeling quite generous lately.)

In case you're wondering how I lucked into so much baby food, it's not because I'm giving away my leftovers. Recently, I was chosen by Gerber to host a House Party for other moms, and they sent me two huge boxes of baby food and cereal. I invited all the moms I knew to a get-together at Starbucks and handled out lots of goodie bags full of food and baby gear.

But even still, I had bunches left, so I decided to give the leftovers away to my loyal blog readers. (Jackson has graduated from baby food to table food. I hear him downstairs now with his daddy talking about eating a Chilly Willy frozen treat!)

If you've never been to or heard of a House Party, I'd encourage you to check out the site. Compaines are exploring new ways to reach out to consumers, and they're recognizing that viral marketing and word-of-mouth goes a long way. So, they invite regular folks like you and me to hold house parties and introduce brands to our friends and families.

There's no fee to hold a house party, and it's a great opportunity to get some free products for yourself and your friends. And I've always found that a party is a great excuse to get the house in tip-top shape. So, I like to host a get-together every few months.

Competition to host a House Party can be fierce, but if you fit the company's demographic profile, you may be selected to tout one of your favorite brands or products. Upcoming house parties will spotlight products from Gerber, Grey Poupon, Fisher Price, TNT, Better Homes & Gardens and Barbie.

Check it out, and if you're selected to host a House Party, be sure to send me an invitation. (Guests can attend virtually or in person!)

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  1. I love the House Parties! I was able to do the Kraft one awhile back.

    Congrats Tami! :)