Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cooking up a fancy restaurant meal at home

I'm no Todd Wilbur, but I do love trying to figure out how to recreate delicious restaurant meals at home.

Earlier this week, some girlfriends and I had lunch at Green Valley Grill, one of my favorite local restaurants. I ordered the chicken salad croissant, which was very good, but I wish I had ordered the Carolina Shrimp Greek Salad that my friend Kristi had.

This wasn't your traditional salad -- there wasn't a leaf of lettuce in sight -- but it was absolutely delicious. So light, and yet so flavorful, mixing fresh Carolina shrimp with fresh local vegetables in a homemade Greek dressing.

I really like the idea of this salad because it's healthy, low-calorie, takes advantage of locally grown foods and also utilizes shrimp that I've been stockpiling when it's been on sale. Add a slice of toasted crusty bread and you've got a tasty and filling one-dish meal.

I'm going to try to recreate the salad this weekend using cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, shrimp, olives, red onions, peppers, feta cheese and a homemade Greek dressing. (My inlaws just brought us lots of tomoatoes and other veggies from their garden.) Once I figure it out, I'll post the results and the recipe here.

I'm drooling already.


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