Thursday, August 7, 2008

A 10-Second Diaper Change

For some reason, Jackson can't stand to have his diaper changed on those hard plastic changing stations that you find in most stores and restaurants.

Maybe it reminds him of the doctor's office, which these days reduces him to hysterical screams.

This makes changing his diapers when we're out very difficult. But another mommy told me about a new kind of Pampers, available only online, that lets you change a wet diaper in 10 seconds. (All bets are off at poop time.)

These Pampers Change 'N Go diapers feature a replaceable slip-in pad that holds as much as a regular diaper. When it's changing time, you just pull out the wet pad and slip in a new, dry one in a slot in the back of the diaper. You can watch a video of a 10-second diaper change at the Change 'N Go Website.

I've not tried these yet, but my friend has, and she gives them a big thumbs up. I'm planning on buying a pack to take with us on outings to the mall, the park and other places where it's difficult to finding a clean and comfortable place to change a wet diaper.

Lately, when Jackson gets wet or springs a leak (as he did last week at AC Moore), I've had to change him standing up in the trunk of my car. That can be tricky, and I can never quite get his diaper on straight or tight enough when we do a stand-and-strip!

Anyone else out there tried Pampers Change 'N Go? If so, did you like them? Should I stock up? Or just buy a few?


  1. I love Pampers. Gonna have to give these a try. If only they worked on the poops, too!

    I gave you a blog award on my blog here:

    Love your blog :)


  2. I don't know.... I haven't tried them yet but they do kind of gross me out. Are you SURE there isn't anything left over outside of the "slip in" ??? I'm interested to hear what other mommas have to say, too!!

  3. KD - Ick. I never really thought of that. I do know that Pampers says you shouldn't use a Change 'N Go diaper for longer than 12 hours. (That's even if you change the pad every 2 to 3 hours. I guess they're not really meant to be reusable for long periods.)

  4. I haven't seen these in stores in my area. My boy is a total wiggle worm. He rocks his butt as I'm trying to change him.

  5. I ordered them as part of the trial so we shall see how it goes. Keep ya posted!