Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Good Couple of Days at the Mailbox

I've gotten a few good surprises in the mailbox these last few days.

Last week -- on the same day, no less -- I received a $5 off coupon for Sur La Table, the cookware store, and a $10 gift certificate to Target, courtesy of Ebates. (Pretty soon, I'll be getting a Big Fat Check from Ebates -- cash back on all my online purchases over the last three months.)

And yesterday, my first refund from Caregivers Marketplace arrived in the mail. I was able to request a rebate for several boxes of Huggies diapers I bought recently. Granted, the check wasn't a big one, but it bought my lunch today.

I've already used my Target giftcard (those don't last long around here), and I'm planning a trip to Sur La Table later this week. The challenge will be finding something there for $5 or close to it. (I love coupons like this one that don't have a minimum purchase requirement. They are just like free money, in my mind.)

I love getting something other than bills in the mail. Wonder what the postman will be bringing me tomorrow!


  1. Don't you love free stuff! Thanks to your blog, I am now hosting a Fisher Price House Party. My 6 month old gets some awesome free toys. I am so excited!

  2. I do love free stuff. Today, I got a coupon for some free Bath & Body Wash hand lotion. Another sweet deal delivered straight to my mailbox. And I've so glad (and jealous) that you're getting to host a Fisher Price House Party. How cool! I'd love to hear how it turns out.

  3. There is a nice emotional boost from getting something free, isn't there? Opening up the mailbox and finding something you didn't have to pay for just makes you feel better, even if the gift doesn't have a huge monetary value.