Saturday, February 28, 2009

Earn free swag while searching the Web

Over the past week, I've been using a new search engine, Swagbucks, which aggregates search results from Google and

Search & Win

The beauty of Swagbucks is that every time you search, you have the chance of winning Swagbucks -- or points -- that you can trade it for gift cards and other prizes. So, it's really the best of all worlds. I win "currency" for doing something that I do every day -- searching the Web -- and I get the best results on the Internet -- Google's.

In just 3 days, I've won 18 Swagbucks -- at 45, I can trade in for a $5 gift certificate to or I can save them and earn gift cards for Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, iTunes or Target. Decisions, decisions.

I urge you to give Swagbucks a try if you're a frequent Web searcher like I am. Those points can really add up quickly.

To get into the habit of using Swagbucks instead of your other search engine, I recommend installing the toolbar right in your browser.

I haven't completely abandoned Google. Swagbucks has more sponsored links, so if I'm searching for something really obscure, I'll go with Google.

Have a scratched original iPod nano? You could cash in

If you have an original iPod nano that got scratched, you may be able to get a small settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Apple.

The payouts will likely be only $15-$25 per plaintiff, and it will probably take a while to get your settlement. But if you have an iPod nano that had this particular defect, then you should submit a claim.

You'll need the serial number of your MP3 player to determine if you're eligible for cash in the settlement. You will find it on the stainless steel backplate of your iPod nano. Click for more information about the iPod nano lawsuit and to submit a claim.

I gave Bruce a nano years ago for our anniversary, and we're checking to see if we can make a claim. I'm sure if we do, Apple will get some of that money back from us! I love my iPod and my iTunes -- when my 2 1/2 year old lets me use it! And Bruce's nano, though a bit scratched, works just fine.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Deal-icious offer from Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has launched a new value menu, DQ Sweet Deals. The best part about it is you get to choose what's in your combo for a really sweet price - two items for $3, three for $4 or four for $5.

Sounds perfect for those ice-cream emergency days! In addition to a cone or a sundae, you can choose something from the grill, as well -- a cheeseburger, hotdog, salad, fries, onion rings, a chicken wrap -- and something to wash it down with.

DQ has cleverly asked bloggers to help get the word out about the new DQ Sweet Deals menu by asking what deal we'd make to try the Sweet Deals menu for free.

Here's the deal I'd broker:

I can't believe you're asking me what I would do to sample your Sweet Deal. Haven't I done enough already to prove that I love you and that I'm worthy of your love and your deal-icious affection?

When my heart was broken, I turned to you. I don't know what was saltier, your fries or my tears. When I was sick, you nursed me back to health with a soothing vanilla cone. That worked better than antiobiotics or mama's chicken soup ever did.

And there have been good times, too. Don't you remember that dilly of a summer day when we shared a Dilly Bar at the park, racing to finish it before the ice cream melted down my fingers. And on my birthday, you surprised me with a Blizzard cake, churning up a blizzard of emotions in me -- happiness, excitement, love and gratitude,.

You're more than my confidant and my soulmate. You're also my teacher and the source of my wisdom. During the unending presidential primaries, when I was waffling between Barack and Hillary, we shared a waffle cone and you talked me through both of their platforms. When I was panicking about my 401(k) and my dwindling stock portfolio, over a banana split you advised me not to split the market.

I have forsaken all the others -- Ben, Jerry, Baskin, Robbin and the Germans, Haagen and Dazs. Even Edy. (It was college; I was experimenting!) I was hoping that we were close to the point that you'd be slipping an onion ring on my finger and sealing our commitment. And now you're asking what deal would I make for a Sweet Deal?

How about I throw out all my skinny jeans and give up on that dream forever? I'd do it to be with you.

Love you forever,

I'm back!!!!

After a hiatus of far too long, so I could report and write book #6, I'm back to the blogosphere.

I've been saying all along that once I finished this book, I was really going to cut back on working. That should mean less stress for me and an overall better quality of life. And it should also mean I have more time for blogging.

Cutting back professionally will allow me to spend more time at home with Bruce and Jackson, but that also means less cash. So, I'll have to be even more zealous in my deal-seeking.

Those of you who have stuck around, thank you for your loyalty. And those of you who are new readers to this blog, I assure you it's going to be a fun ride.