Saturday, February 28, 2009

Earn free swag while searching the Web

Over the past week, I've been using a new search engine, Swagbucks, which aggregates search results from Google and

Search & Win

The beauty of Swagbucks is that every time you search, you have the chance of winning Swagbucks -- or points -- that you can trade it for gift cards and other prizes. So, it's really the best of all worlds. I win "currency" for doing something that I do every day -- searching the Web -- and I get the best results on the Internet -- Google's.

In just 3 days, I've won 18 Swagbucks -- at 45, I can trade in for a $5 gift certificate to or I can save them and earn gift cards for Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, iTunes or Target. Decisions, decisions.

I urge you to give Swagbucks a try if you're a frequent Web searcher like I am. Those points can really add up quickly.

To get into the habit of using Swagbucks instead of your other search engine, I recommend installing the toolbar right in your browser.

I haven't completely abandoned Google. Swagbucks has more sponsored links, so if I'm searching for something really obscure, I'll go with Google.


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