Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have a scratched original iPod nano? You could cash in

If you have an original iPod nano that got scratched, you may be able to get a small settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Apple.

The payouts will likely be only $15-$25 per plaintiff, and it will probably take a while to get your settlement. But if you have an iPod nano that had this particular defect, then you should submit a claim.

You'll need the serial number of your MP3 player to determine if you're eligible for cash in the settlement. You will find it on the stainless steel backplate of your iPod nano. Click for more information about the iPod nano lawsuit and to submit a claim.

I gave Bruce a nano years ago for our anniversary, and we're checking to see if we can make a claim. I'm sure if we do, Apple will get some of that money back from us! I love my iPod and my iTunes -- when my 2 1/2 year old lets me use it! And Bruce's nano, though a bit scratched, works just fine.


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