Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Food at Dairy Queen for a Year

Recently, I posted about Dairy Queen's new Sweet Deals value menu and a contest they were running for bloggers.

Well, my entry, won the big prize. The judges deemed it the most creative of more than 250 entries. That writing degree has finally paid off!

My family will be enjoying free Dairy Queen Sweet Deals every week for a year!

This win was kismet. I come from a long line of ice cream fanatics.

A doctor once told my Grandpa Mills that he needed to cut out the sweets from his diet. Grandpa, who was in his 80s at the time and enjoyed a bowl of chocolate ice cream every day refused. "Doc, I've already given up sex. I'm not giving up ice cream." Well said.
At Grandpa's funeral, we all gathered around the graveside and reminisced while eating tiny cups of chocolate ice cream.

My 2 1/2-year-old son, Jackson, comes by his love of ice cream honestly. His Pop-Pop, his Bob-Bob, his Daddy and his Mama have never met a scoop they didn't like. And neither has Jackson, as you can see by this series of photos -- his first ever taste of ice cream.

On Monday, the weather was so nice that Jackson and I took a stroll to Dairy Queen for lunch. He thought it was such a treat to get to have a hotdog and an ice cream sandwich for lunch. He'll be thrilled to know that we get to go back again and again and again...

Because we now find ourselves ice cream rich, I think I'll make the rule that we have to walk to the DQ to cash in our gift certificates.

And don't worry, friends, for the next year, the ice cream's on me!


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