Monday, May 4, 2009

Countdown to a Clutter-Free Life - 8 items from the bathroom

I'm a beauty products junkie. When it comes to my favorite brands -- Smashbox and Philosophy, for instance -- I have more stock that Sephora and Ulta. I've got enough brushes to make a MAC makeup artist blush and more lotions and potions than Bath & Body Works.

And that's after purging, cleaning and organizing my vanity just a few weeks ago.

So, I had my doubts about the latest Spring Fling Countdown task from organizing guru Julie Morgenstern. In my quest to achieve freedom from the prison that is clutter (or at least make a bid for parole), I've pledged to clear 55 pieces of clutter from my life this week. Today's chore:

Get rid of 8 excess items from your bathroom – anything from outdated makeup to old cleaning supplies and near empty bottles of lotion.
I left the makeup alone, for the most part, and tackled the other items cluttering up my bathroom. Namely:
  • 1 air freshener spray that we never use
  • 1 package of dried-out wet face towelettes
  • 1 quarter-full bottle of leave-in spray conditioner
  • 1 old paddle brush
  • 1 quarter-full tube of pumice foot scrub
  • 1 almost empty can of hairspray (a brand that leaves my hair sticky, not soft)
  • 1 razor caddy (my husband's)
  • 2 almost empty beauty sample packets (courtesy of Sephora)
  • 1 razor that I hated because the blade always popped off
  • 1 razor blade
  • 1 shower head (replaced a year or more ago by a much nicer massaging shower head)
  • 1 tube of lipgloss
  • 1 contact lens case that was missing a top
If my finger-and-toe counting is right, that's 14 items, 6 more than were required.

Added to my past purges, I've banished 53 unwanted and unnecessary items from my house -- just 2 shy of the requirements. By the end of this week, I'm going to be so clutter-free that you won't recognize me or my spotless house.

How's the Spring Fling Countdown going for you? What have you tossed? And what have you held onto out of need (real and perceived) and sentimentality?


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