Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 10: Man Logic, Doritos Threaten Grocery Free Challenge

Sent the husband to Walmart tonight to pick up some batteries and some other sundries.

Later, I notice a bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos on the cabinet.

"Did you buy these?" I asked, accusingly. "We're not supposed to be buying groceries."

"Those shouldn't count," he answered. "Technically, they're not groceries. They're a snack."

Man logic. Arghh!

He cheated on the Grocery Free Challenge; I didn't. But to spite him and to teach him a lesson, I might have to eat the whole bag.

What do you think? Those are some darn-good Doritos.


  1. Are they better than the UTZ Smokin' Sweet Potato Chips?

  2. Dunno. Never tasted the Utz Smokin' Sweet, but I do love their BBQ chips. Maybe you could buy me a bag, so I could sample them before the end of this challenge!

  3. Don't disparage man-logic! Picking up a bag of Doritos doesn't qualify as buying groceries!

    And might I add, Wal-Mart has all flavors of Doritos currently on sale for $2 a bag. Suggested retail price: $3.99.

    I'll vouch for the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. They are my favorite flavor. Hmmm....perhaps I should do a post ranking the various Doritos!

  4. haha! love it! i say it doesn't count. =)

    just stopping by to say, "thanks for adding our button!" but then, i saw this post and i couldn't help commenting.

    i'm enjoying your site!

  5. haha! love it! i say it doesn't count. =)


    Yes!! Score one for man-logic!