Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 6: Temptation in the form of super doubles at the grocery store

So far during this first week of our family's Grocery Free challenge, I've felt no desire to go to the grocery store and stock our stockpile.

Then today I read that Harris Teeter, my grocery store of choice, is having a Super Doubles coupon event June 24-30 and will be doubling coupons up to $1.98. That's even more tempting than triple coupons. A $1 coupon will be worth $2; a $1.50 coupon worth $3.

Do you realize how many free groceries I could "buy" during that event. My philosophy is to treat coupons like cash. Will I be throwing away free money if I don't shop during the Super Doubles sale?

What's a girl to do? Stick with the challenge? Or pass up on the free coupon cash?


  1. Since you are using your stockpile .... why don't you take a good look at your coupons and get things that you need to add to the stockpile for meals. Don't buy anything you already have. You could also buy things and donate to your local food pantry. They especially need food this time of the year because kids are home from school.

  2. How often does the super doubles come around? I definitely think you should just break the challenge for the coupon deal if you could get more free or super cheap items for your stockpile!