Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 8: Still going strong going Grocery Free

We've passed the one week mark on our Grocery Free challenge, and we're still playing by the rules and eating well.

Today, we did go to the local farmer's market to pick up some produce, and yesterday, my husband grabbed two gallons of milk at Costco, all allowed under the rules I set forth when I decided to forgo grocery shopping and cook exclusively from my stockpile.

Kristi, a friend who reads this blog who plans to embark on her own Grocery Free challenge, asked in an email if she was allowed to buy milk. The answer is a definite yes -- especially for Kristi, who is nursing a newborn and has a toddler at home, too. It's hard to stockpile perishables, like fresh produce and milk (I don't like mine thawed from frozen). And I believe those items are essential to a healthy and nutritious diet, so I will be buying them as needed during this challenge.

If you'd like the idea of the Grocery Free challenge, but can't live with all of my rules, feel free to make your own. These rules work for my family and for me, as our primary cook.

You may have different needs, and you should tailor your Grocery Free challenge to fit those needs. For me, the point of this exercise is to make use of what I have and to be a better steward of the food I buy.

Too often, though my cupboards and fridge are stocked, I've been guilty of pick up something from the grocery store (or at a restaurant) because I've failed to pre-plan my menus. I've learned from experience that at the end of the day, whether I've spent it working at my computer or playing with my toddler, my brain is too zapped to make any weighty decisions like what's for dinner. That's why I've been using MomAdvice's weekly menu planners.

We did deviate from the menu plan slightly this week. On Thursday, my husband and dad went to a baseball game. Rather than cooking for two, I grabbed dinner with my mom and son. We had Thursday's planned meal - chicken and dumplings -- on Friday, and I'll work Friday's meal -- manicotti -- into next week's plan.

I've updated my stockpile spreadsheet to reflect what we've used and the produce we purchased today. Here's a short list of what we bought at the farmer's market:

- a pint of blackberries (these won't last long; I've been snacking on them all day!)
- fresh parsley
- rainbow carrots
- tomatoes
- cucumbers
- fresh garlic
- zucchini and squash

We spent around $20. (That doesn't count the muffin my husband bought for his breakfast or the 2 glasses of lemonade I bought --- spilled the first in my trunk!)

Check back tomorrow. I'll be posting the Week 2 menus on Sunday evening.

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  1. The produce was a reasonable buy. You can get some good deals at the farmer's market, plus you're supporting local agriculture and helping family farmers make a living. A good deal all the way around.