Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Show off your kids' artwork for a chance to win a $50 Toys R Us Gift Card

One of my favorite bloggers, Grandma Lizzie at Grandma Lizzie's House, is running a terrific contest on her blog.

Terrific because the prize is spectacular -- a $50 gift card to Toys R Us -- and because to enter you have to get creative with your kids.

To earn an entry, just post a self portrait drawn by your kid or grandkid at Grandma Lizzie's House. And while you're there, check out her suggestions for kids activities. Kids know that Grandma's house is the "funnest" place to play, and Grandma Lizzie shows parents how to recreate some of that magic.

I'm not sure if my toddler will get the concept of drawing a self portrait, but we'll have fun trying.

Actually, he loves to draw. Here's Jackson's self-portrait:

I am supposed to tell you that in this portrait, Jackson doesn't have feet, just a face.

Thanks to a stint in "summer camp" and some great puppet kits I found on clearance, we've lately been really into arts and crafts. And already, I'm stressing over how to preserve his precious artwork without being overrun with paper. I think I'm going to create a digital archive, using a site like flickr or one of other myriad photo-sharing sites.

The Tranquil Parent
has some great ideas for showcasing your little Monet's masterpieces. One, in particular that appeals to me is creating a gallery on a digital photo frame. I think I know what the grandparents will be getting for Christmas.


  1. Amy
    Thanks for your great comments and support. Let me know when you get your toddlers self-portrait so I can add it to my collection.
    I've got you entered.

  2. I love Jackson's self portrait. Thank you for all your support and for adding my button to your site. I've lost track of all you entries. I think it's 31!