Saturday, July 18, 2009

All You challenges readers to trim food bills

On the heels of the Grocery Free Challenge, our month-long hiatus from grocery shopping, I've signed up for All You's Grocery Challenge.

All You magazine, one of my favorites for coupons, is challenging its readers to spend just $25 a week per person on food. That puts our weekly food budget at $75. It should be very doable, given our stockpile and my prudence with coupons. But I suspect our biggest obstacle will be watching what we spend dining out.

We like to go out to eat as a family. And on those days when I'm working, I like to go out with the girls occasionally. I won't cut out those splurges during this challenge, but I will have to be creative about it by using coupons, drinking water instead of soda and choosing lower-cost restaurants and entrees.

The four-week challenge began on Monday, so my $90 shopping trip on Sunday to restock after30 days not shopping thankfully doesn't count.

Here's what we've spent so far this week on food:

  • $1.37 for lunch Monday at Breugger's Bagels (I cashed in my lunch punch card and only paid for chips)
  • $20 on Wednesday for loads of produce at the farmers' market
  • $5 on Wednesday for ice cream for the family when the ice cream truck rolled through the 'hood

Total spent: $26.37

Admittedly, we haven't been as frugal as we could have been. But we've just come off an extended grocery diet.

I'll keep you posted on what we spend the rest of this week.

Meanwhile, why don't you sign up for the All You Grocery Challenge and join in the saving?


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