Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coupon Alert: $10 off $50 at Lowe's Home Improvement

We had to make two trips to Lowe's Home Improvement store this weekend.

The first was a bit of an emergency. The lock on our front door broke, effectively locking us out of the house. (Thank goodness for the backdoor and our garage entrance!) On Friday afternoon, my husband had to dash to the store to get a new door lock.

The next day, I sent him back to have new keys made and to pick up a few odds and ends.

Both times, our receipt had a valuable $10 off $50 coupon printed on it.

Turns out, that's going to come in handy for us this week. Our microwave is on its last leg, and I use that darn thing every day. So, we'll be heading back to Lowe's sometime soon to cash in one of our coupons on a microwave that the store has on sale.

I think we'll hold on to the other coupon for the next home improvement crisis that comes our way. The way our luck is running, it won't be long before we have cause to use our second $10 of $50 coupon.

If you have a big home improvement project on the horizon or a big purchase to make, head to Lowe's and buy something small. I bet you'll score a $10 off $50 coupon to make on your next big purchase there.


  1. Hard to walk out of Lowe's Home Improvement and not spend, at least, $50 - thanks for the link!

  2. WOW I wish Home Depot did that! We just spent $1,600 on flooring. I would have LOVED some type of discount. They didn't carry our flooring at Lowes.
    And THANKS for stopping in and entering my B as in Beauty Giveaway!!

  3. Isn't flooring super-expensive? We replaced the carpeting and floors in our family room and kitchen last year with some really nice laminate, and it was super-expensive.

    In fact, we just finished paying for it last month. Normally, we wouldn't have financed a home improvement, but the 12 months same as cash deal was too good to pass up. With spread the cost out over a year and didn't pay any interest.

    I love my new floors so much better than carpet. I hope yours turn out well, too. And I hope you don't have to help install them!

  4. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u